Elevate By Design – Modern Landscape Front Yard

21 Ideas For Your Garden Path To Look Beautiful

We have collected today, 21 design ideas to make your garden path artistic. Get inspired and anchor your garden with…

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Herd Of Elephants By English Artist Steve Manning

23 Incredible Piece Of Arts Purely Made Out Of Trees

The gardening art of training live lasting plants by clipping leaves and branches to develop clearly defined shapes is called…

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Dead TV Remote Cells 2

How To Know If Your TV Remote Cells Are Completely Dead

Most of the times when a remote control of any device such as TV or AC stops working or start…

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Remove Permanent Marker With Toothpaste

19 Simple Hacks That Will Change The Way You Think About Cleaning Forever

Cleaning is not that costly or difficult anymore. These simple hacks will change the way you think about cleaning forever. 1….

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The 2014 World Flyboard Championship 16

The 2014 World Flyboard Championship In Pictures

In 2011, Frankie Zapta prototyped and developed the Flyboard with $10,000 personal water craft (PWC) attachment. Since then, three championships…

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Dark And Gloomy Human Colony On Mars

23 Ideas How Human Colonies In Mars Will Look Like

NASA along with Elon Musk believe in expanding humanity beyond Earth and build a sustainable colony for a million people…

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Defrosting Ad Campaigns

Brilliant Ads Campaign Shows Why We Need To Stop Deforestation Right Now

Sanctuary Asia, India’s first and foremost environmental news magazine, printed these captivating advertisements to point out endangerment of wild life…

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You Can Tie Up The Luggage On Top Of Your Car

21 Unusual Uses of Duct Tape

The word ‘Duct Tape’ has always been attached to kidnapping or murderous plots as we have all seen on television….

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If You Don’t, You May Even Find A Supernatural Creature Living Underneath Your Bed! 

Before Making A New Year Resolution, You Should Try These 13 Things

2015 is here! You may have felt determined to be a better and changed person while taking out your pen…

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How Michael Jackson Defied Gravity

17 Things They Never Teach You In School

School has taught us a lot of things except all of them were never used in real life such as…

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