23 Magnificent Piece Of Art You Won’t Believe Are Made Out Of Lego

Lego has been the favorite toy collection for kids since the very beginning when it was founded in 1930. Over the years, the fan base has expanded to adults mainly because it offered miniature models of all the major buildings, movie and cars characters. With the increase in popularity, Lego also launched DIY blocks to build your own creation. Fans started online stores and forums to post pictures of their creations and modifications to already available Lego figures.

Today, we are going to share 23 such incredible Lego creations.

1. Jesus


2. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

3. Church


4. Dragon


5. Engine


6. Lego House 

Lego House 

7. Iconic Buildings

Iconic Buildings

8. Kitchen Counter 

Kitchen Counter 

9. New York City 

New York City 

10. Pharaoh 


11. Lego Ship 

Lego Ship 

12. Snake


13. Space Shuttle 

Space Shuttle 

14. Star Fighter 

Star Fighter 

15. Lego Table 

Lego Table 

16. Lego Tower 

Lego Tower 

17. Lightning McQueen 

Lightning McQueen 

18. Paris Clock Tower 

Paris Clock Tower 

19. Australia’s Opera House 

Australia’s Opera House 

20. The White City 

The White City 

21. Venice City 

Venice City 

22. Engine 


23. White House 

White House