Brilliant Ads Campaign Shows Why We Need To Stop Deforestation Right Now

Sanctuary Asia, India’s first and foremost environmental news magazine, printed these captivating advertisements to point out endangerment of wild life with the cut down of the native fauna trees. The slogan on these ads reads: “When the wood go, wildlife goes.”

The graphic message shows disturbing images of lifeless trees which were cut down and beheaded animals that used to live on those trees. The advertisement campaign targeted the companies whose destructive activities have threatened wild life including many rare animal species. There is also a lesson for the general population to stop cutting down trees for their personal needs.

According to recent stats, rain-forests used to cover 14% of the Earth’s land surface but now they cover only 6%. Experts says that the last remaining rain-forests could be consumed in less than 40 years. Moreover, deforestation accounts for about 20% of global emissions of CO2.

Point to Ponder: We are not only endangering wild life but also eliminating oxygen – the only source for human life.

Check out these bold advertisments below and spread the message.

Defrosting Ad Campaigns

Defrosting Ad Campaigns 2

Defrosting Ad Campaigns 3

Defrosting Ad Campaigns 4