Multan Fort

25 Surreal Places In Pakistan That Will Leave You Awestruck

Pakistan is more than just what you see on social media and print media everyday. As a country which is…

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There Are 20,000 Holes Drilled In This Egg Shell

22 Unbelievable Photos That Explain How Modern World Is Transforming

Internet is always buzzing with photographs which may be unique or bizarre yet incredible and beautiful. You may also have…

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Loket, Czech Republic

23 Insanely Photogenic Towns You Should Not Miss This Winter

The idea of a perfect winter holiday may be getting cozy in a comfortable sofa placed right beside the fireplace…

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The Original Apple 1 Computer

16 Mind Blowing Facts About Apple

Apple is among one of the world’s most valuable brands and the largest publicly traded company in the US by…

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Books Used To Fill Up A Damaged Pillar Of An Old Library

23 Pictures To Prove That Urban Art Makes Earth Beautiful Place To Live In

The urban life may seem sad and gloomy at times. In order to add a splash of color to monotone…

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Modified Bicycle

23 Innovations You Won’t Believe Are Made By Ordinary Chinese People

Chinese are known for their hard work and intelligence. They are not only inventors but can also replicate any product…

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Jiufan, Taiwan

23 Heavenly Towns You Won’t Believe Exist On Earth

Planet earth is full of natural beauty; landscapes that looks purely out of heaven and mountains, high enough to hit the…

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Allianz Arena

23 Magnificent Piece Of Art You Won’t Believe Are Made Out Of Lego

Lego has been the favorite toy collection for kids since the very beginning when it was founded in 1930. Over…

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You Can Come Up With Creative Ways To Frame A Shot

21 Reasons Why Window Seat Is The Best Seat On Plane

Here are 21 reasons to take a window seat on your next plane flight. Share your window seat experiences with…

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23 Pointless Driving Laws From All Across The World

Take a look at these 23 obvious, pointless and silly driving laws that exists from all across the world. We…

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