House In Key West

23 Isolated Houses That Are Both The Master Of Peace & Art

All folks living in city can understand how all the hustle and bustle can amplify stress, anger and sometimes depression….

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Man Hanging Out, Prague, Czech Republic

21 Artistic Sculptures And Statues From Around The World

These 21 artistic sculptures and statues from around the world are one of a kind, depicting meanings which cannot be…

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Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

17 Most Beautiful Roads From All Across The World

“It’s the journey, not the destination”  is exactly true for all types of road trips. No one ever want to…

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This Is How To Remember The Value Of Pi

12 Hacks About Mathematics They Don’t Teach At School

Mathematics is the subject which is often used in daily financial matters. Most of you may even faced difficulty calculating…

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Resting Arms Pose

21 Poses That Can Make You Look Photogenic In Front Of Camera

Many of us do not know about any pose to make, before facing the camera. But few of us have managed…

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“Walking On The Savannah” – Jackson Albuquerque, SA

43 Master Pieces From This Year NAT Geo Photo Contest

National Geographic hosts the NatGeo: Traveler and NatGeo Photo contests yearly in which thousands of skilled photographers participate from around…

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Smartphone Tripod Made From Two Binder Clips 

5 Brilliant Hacks To Take Breathtaking Photos Out Of Your Smartphone

You do not need to buy an expensive camera to be a great photographer. Your smartphone camera has a lot of power…

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You Fade Away With Every Puff

25 Advertisement Examples To Motivate Your Creativity

Advertisements can be seen everywhere when you go outside like on billboards, magazines and posters. A great marketing strategy will…

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Keep Ribbons From Unspooling

29 Most Effective Uses Of Rubber Band

There exists uses of rubber bands which you never thought of before. Get amazed with these 29 most effective uses…

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Tra Fiori E Stelle, Italy

23 Breathtaking Photos Of Sky Night From Around The World

Night sky is a constant reminder of the vastness of universe and littleness of our existence. Clear night sky with…

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