Here Is Why USB Drives Are Inside Walls All Across New York

While crossing the streets of financial hub of New York, across all blocks of banks, insurance companies, hospitals, stock brokers and forex traders, there is this strange USB jutting out of different walls.

Let us tell you why USB Drives are embedded in the city walls. Here is how they looks like:

USB Stuck In Walls Of Newyork

Aram Bartholl came up with this idea for an art project in order to create an offline file-sharing network in public space including but not limited to financial sector of banks and forex trader areas. These USB drives are completely public and anyone can plug in their devices to drop or find files. Each USB is empty except for a .txt file which explains the project.

Aram, a Berlin based artist who came up with the project during his stay in New York.

USB Stuck In Walls Of Newyork 2

The idea is pretty unique and fun but your laptop may get scratches. However, it may get handy if you want to start a revolution through file sharing from a flash drive. You can even make your own USB file-sharing with a little construction skills and a USB. Check out this video below to find out the details.

The response was overwhelming so much so that the artist even made a dedicated website for Flash Drives.  So what do you think about the project? Do you think the idea will be successful in your city too?