How To Know If Your TV Remote Cells Are Completely Dead

Most of the times when a remote control of any device such as TV or AC stops working or start operating sluggish; we assume that the batteries must be weak. However, it may happen that the batteries were perfectly fine and the real reason was that the remote control buttons or internal circuitry malfunctioned. You get to know about this when you have already spend your money and time for battery replacement and even then the remote does not work. In order to save you from the hassle, we are sharing a nifty trick which can tell you whether or not your remote control cells are completely dead.

Here is what you need to do.

There is a small IR emitter attached at the top of your remote control as shown in image below. You cannot see the IR light from the bulb with your naked eye. If you can see this light and the intensity with which it is shining, you can know whether cells have become weak or not.

Dead TV Remote Cells

You can use a digital camera or even mobile camera to view the IR light as soon as you press any button on your remote control. If the light intensity is not bright and considerably weak, it means the remote control cells will be dead soon.

Dead TV Remote Cells 2

Did you know about this trick? Tell us how it turned out for your remote control.