These GIFs Will Help You Understand How Geometry Works

At some point in your life, you may have felt a sinking feeling of being in a totally wrong profession when you could have been a creative artist. Here is a thing you need to understand: If you have a pinch of creativity in you, then art can find its way even in physics behind complex structures or in collection of data for boring analysis. So once in a while, step out of the conceptual zone and wear your creative cap, and believe it or not, you will start forming beautiful images at the intersection of sciences and art. You can take some inspiration from Dan Whyte.

Dane Whyte is an Ireland based PhD student and a digital artist who apart from studying physics of foam creates mesmerizing GIFS based on mathematical data. These GIFs include animated dots, lines, cubes and sphere forming geometrical patterns and giving a hypnotizing illusion.

Whyte uses an open source coding language called Processing to create these addictive GIFs. He constantly updates his blog, Bees & Bombs, with these amazing GIFs. You can also request him with specific patterns and he will make the requested GIFs for you.

We have collected some of the most beautiful GIFs from his archives that can help you understand geometry far better.

Adjustable dots

Bouncing Waves

Dancing Triangle

Circular Illusion

Circular Whirpool

Colorful circles

Cube Dots

Cube Octahedron

Dancing Particle Waves

Outward Generating Circular Patterns

Rotating Cube

Sliding Square

Snow Flake Patterns

Pendulum Movement