This Artist Removes The Famous Out Of Famous Photos And The Result Is Insane

The perfect lightning, right angle, posture, photographic sense and the camera specs are a few judging criteria for photographs. No one really bothers to think about the subject in the photograph, but rather appreciates the balance of technique with the use of available environment.

This artist, however removed the famous element out from few of the most historic photographs, and the results are pretty insane. We have gathered a few for you, to learn to appreciate the subject in photograph as well.

The Famous Chinese Tank And Student Encounter

chinese student and tank

chinese student and tank 2

A Son Saying Goodbye To His Soldier Father

wait for me daddy

wait for me daddy 2

A Monk Protest

monk protest

monk protest 2

When Hitler Visited Paris, France

hitler takes a tour of paris

hitler takes a tour of paris 2

The Real Damage Done 

the damage done

the damage done 2

Apollo 11 – First Footprint On Moon

apollo 11

apollo 11 2

Comet Of The Century

comet of the century

comet of the century 2